Why Beyond Delay Is The Program You Have Been Waiting For

Beyond DelayThere are quite a few premature ejaculation training programs out there. In fact I have personally read 7 of them. 6 were downright terrible and were obviously written in an attempt to make money for the author instead of helping guys beat premature ejaculation. The 7th was marginally better, but got to much carried away in spiritually for my liking.

Why This Book Is Different

We you can now ad number 8 to the list… and this one is different. To tell you the truth I’ve been anticipating the launch on Mike Anderson’s new guide ever since hearing him speak at a conference back in September. He’s got a real passion for helping guys last longer in bed due to his own problems with premature ejaculation in the past. But it’s his experience from working with so many guys personally that really shines through in this book.

The Approach

A key strength of Mike’s approach is that he understands that generally premature ejaculation is not caused by a single trigger (As many other so called experts often claim). In fact Mike lays out 7 separate areas where problems with ejaculatory function can arise and shows you how to address and improve each of these….

I think this is why the reported results have been so good as opposed to other approaches. For example the guide starts off by explaining the male ejaculatory function and how it relates to other functions. it’s great to have an introduction like this as there’s so much of this that is poorly understood by most guys (including myself in many instances)


The next chapter is great. it covers breathing techniques which are really easy to learn and put into action. It seems simple but when you run through a few of the practice training exercises you realize that there is actually quite a bit to it, not to mention how quickly you can become relaxed when done correctly.

Getting relaxed

Then Mike takes it up a level with some visualization and meditative techniques. This may sound a bit weird and spiritual, but it’s easy to follow the steps, and once you have practiced then a few times they are affective at putting you in the right state of mind and body in just a few seconds. The reason why the program covers these topics first is because of the importance of being completely relaxed before you start intercourse. Because it’s the tension in your muscles that is the starting point of the process that leads to premature ejaculation it’s crucial that you remove as much of this internal pressure as possible.

The mental side

There’s also a great chapter on improving your mental function during intercourse. Rather than have you dredge up things that have happened mentally in the past like trained physiologist might attempt, the beyond delay guide is all about using simple physical exercises that help get your mind on the right level… It’s a bit hard to explain exactly how this works until you try the exercises themselves… but it’s the most effective way I have seen to get rid of those cobwebs of doubt that many men have lurking inside their heads.

The exercises

The exercises section is were you really start putting all of the separate skills you have learned into action… in a low pressure setting. Some guys may feel uncomfortable doing these at first (although of course many wont) but it’s a crucial part of the program and it’s when you will start to see the fastest improvements.   The exercises are staged so that you can build up your tolerance steadily as your confidence and techniques grows.

The emergency methods

I loved this chapter and haven’t really seen anything like this before. It’s a great list of 10 emergency tricks and methods you can use to cool yourself down. I especially like the way Mike explains exactly why each of them work, and the best time to use each one.


I could go on quite a bit more about this guide but if you have read this much, you really should just grab a copy for yourself. It’s only around $50 which is a lot less than you’d pay premature ejaculation pills, sprays or professional visits. I just don’t see how it’s possible for any guy to use this program and not improve his lasting time significantly… there’s just so much in it and so many methods you will learn.

Where do you get it

Mike says the guide will be available in hardback by mid next year at selected book stores and possible through Amazon. However, you can download a version right now at the official site www.beyonddelay.org. It’s unsure however how long the book will be available online as many publishers try to disallow these online sales once they have signed a contract with the author.